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Vehicle Gallery (乗り物ギャラリー Vehicle Gallery) is the tenth area of Pokémon Rumble U. It is avaiable when the player completes Locomotive Cafe. The player is able to battle four bosses, Hydreigon, Milotic, Tynamo and Sigilyph, in this stage. If the player completes all the challenges of the four stages of Vehicle Gallery, the player is able to get Tropius at the first stage, Serperior at the second stage, Palkia at the third stage and Dragonite at the fourth stage.

Spike Ball Alert!Edit


  • Defeat the Boss.
  • Clear the battle within 100 seconds.
  • Use a Pokémon with power of 1100 or more.
  • Pick up 150 or more coins
  • Use a supereffective move.


Pokémon Sprite Type
Seadra 117 Type Water
Kingdra 230 Type WaterType Dragon
Trapinch 328 Type Ground
Vibrava 329 Type GroundType Dragon
Flygon 330 Type GroundType Dragon
Shieldon 410 Type RockType Steel
Bastiodon 411 Type RockType Steel
Druddigon 621 Type Dragon
Deino 633 Type DarkType Dragon
Zweilous 634 Type DarkType Dragon
Hydreigon (Boss) 635 Type DarkType Dragon

Slithering TrainsEdit


  • Defeat the Boss.
  • Destroy 22 or more rockets.
  • Call a supporter Pokémon.
  • Don't let any allies be defeated.
  • Befriend Gyarados.


Pokémon Sprite Type
Caterpie 010 Type Bug
Onix 095 Type RockType Ground
Gyarados 130 Type WaterType Flying
Dratini 147 Type Dragon
Dragonair 148 Type Dragon
Dunsparce 206 Type Dragon
Steelix 208 Type SteelType Ground
Seviper 336 Type Poison
Feebas 349 Type Water
Milotic (Boss) 350 Type Water
Huntail 367 Type Water
Gorebyss 368 Type Water
Eelektrik 603 Type Electric
Eelektross 604 Type Electric

The Electrifying TynamoEdit


  • Protect the fort.
  • Keep the fort from taking damage.
  • Use Pichu.
  • Clear the battle within 90 seconds.
  • Use Touch Blast.


Pokémon Sprite Type
Krabby 098 Type Water
Horsea 166 Type Water
Chinchou 170 Type WaterType Electric
Octillery 244 Type Water
Corphish 341 Type Water
Crawdaunt 342 Type WaterType Dark
Tynamo (Boss) 602 Type Electric

A Flowing DesertEdit


  • Defeat the Boss.
  • Destroy 2 or more capsule cages.
  • Pick up 100 or more coins.
  • Pick 10 or more capsules.
  • Use a floating Pokémon.


Pokémon Sprite Type
Baltoy 343 Type GroundType Psychic
Claydol 344 Type GroundType Psychic
Castform 351B Type Fire
Castform 351C Type Water
Castform 351D Type Ice
Chimecho 358 Type Psychic
Bronzor 436 Type SteelType Psychic
Bronzong 437 Type SteelType Psychic
Carnivine 455 Type Grass
Woobat 527 Type PsychicType Flying
Swoobat 528 Type PsychicType Flying
Sigilyph (Boss) 561 Type PsychicType Flying
Yamask 562 Type Ghost
Vullaby 629 Type DarkType Flying
Mandibuzz 630 Type DarkType Flying

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