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*Like [[Twinleaf Town]] in the [[Sinnoh]] region, The player does not receive their starter Pokémon here in the first town. {{Kalos}}
*Like [[Twinleaf Town]] in the [[Sinnoh]] region, the player does not receive their starter Pokémon in their hometown. {{Kalos}}
[[Category:Starter Towns]]
[[Category:Starter Towns]]

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Vaniville Town
アサメタウン Asame Taun
"A town whose flower is about to bloom."
Location info
Region: Kalos
Connecting routes: Route 1
Vaniville Town is a small town in Kalos and the
File:June new p7 05.jpg
File:June new p7 07.jpg
trainer's hometown. It is located at the bottom right corner of the region. It is also the hometown of the player's four friends: Shauna, Tierno, Trevor and Serena (if the player is boy) or Calem (if the player is girl).

In the anime

Vaniville Town made its first appearance in XY001.
VanivilleTown anime


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