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Valora (Japanese: フクツの国 Fukutsu Nation) is a kingdom located in northeastern Ransei, featured in Pokémon Conquest. It represents the Steel type, and is led by Ieyasu. Its adjacent kingdoms are Avia, Spectra, Nixtorm, and Dragnor.


The mechanical battlefield of Valora features Cameras, Cog Wheels, and Fences. Cameras will move between turns, and relocate Pokémon in their range by activating a Crane that picks them up. Cog Wheels can be stepped on for slight transportation and manipulation of Fence obstacles. Battles fought on Valora's battlefield are set to a maximum of 25 turns, and victory is seized by defeating all enemies. If both armies are still standing when all 25 turns have passed, the army defending Valora wins the battle.


The Legend of Ransei

  • Ieyasu ,Skill:Brotherhood,Item:Potion.Aggron,Move:Iron Tail+2,Abilities:Sturdy
  • Tadakatsu ,Skill:Impact,Item:Power Wristband.Metagross,Move:Meteor Mash+3,Abilities:Bodyguard
  • Ina ,Skill:Crack Shot,Item:Iron Wristband.Quagsire,Move:Mud Bomb+2,Abilities:Shackle
  • Hidetada,Skill:Salve.Aron,Move:Metal Claw+2,Abilities:Bodyguard
  • Tenkai,Skill:Detox.Chimecho,Move:Psyshock+2,Abilities:Levitate
  • Munenori,Skill:Impact.Aron,Move:Metal Claw+2,Abilities:Bodyguard
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