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"The maiden from a land with history."
Hometown  ?
Region Kalos
Badge Fairy Badge
Preferred Type fairy
Friends  ?
Class: Gym Leader
First Appearance Pokémon X and Y

Valerie is a Fairy-type Gym Leader of the Kalos region and leader of the Laverre City Gym.

Valerie has designed her Gym to be like a doll house, befitting of Fairy Pokemon. She speaks formally and with words full of wisdom. She can be fought at the Battle Chaeau.


  • Valerie is similar to the Johto region's Jasmine as they are both Gym Leaders who are specialists in a new type of Pokémon, with Jasmine being a specialist of the new (then) Steel type and Valerie being a specialist of the new Fairy type. Coincidentally, Jasmine and Valerie are both female and the sixth leader of their region.
  • She is the second Gym Leader to wear an outfit of Japanese origin, with Kanto's Erika being first.
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