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Hi, after checking through your contributions I noticed that there was no community discussion whatsoever. I mean, yes, I know you're staff. But I thought Wikia was about forming a community. That doesn't help form a community when staff don't even get community consensus. This isn't the first time staff have done this either. They did the exact same thing on Zeldapedia last year. And much like last year we have a petition to get rid of it. I'm going to delete the images and the articles, as quite frankly, they completely unneeded. As you may notice, we have badges and blogs disabled. The only "new" things we have is the expanded navigation and chat, and it baffles me that we still have chat. I'd appreciate it were staff to talk to the community first. Additionally, you did not fill out a fair use rationale, something that is required to meet the criteria of fair use. You did not give credit to the original owner nor did you state where you got it from. As a staff member, you should be making sure that you are following the legal doctrine. Next time, please get the approval from at least one admin and Crimsonnavy before implementing something. Approval from the community would be ideal as well. Thanks. Jazzi 02:13, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

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