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Hi there!


Welcome to the Pokémon Wiki!

Welcome to our wiki, and thank you for your contributions! There's a lot to do around here, so I hope you'll stay with us and make many more improvements.

Recent changes is a great first stop, because you can see what pages other people have been editing, and where you can help.
Questions? You can ask at the Help desk or on the "discussion" page associated with each article!
Need help? The Community Portal has an outline of the site, and pages to help you learn how to edit.
Please sign in every time you edit, so that we can recognize you!

I'm really happy to have you here, and look forward to contributing with you!

-- BassJapas (Talk) 22:47, 2011 June 12

Anime Issues

Just letting you know if you have any Anime Related Issues you know who to talk to! Whether it's Characters, Episodes or the Pocket Monsters themselves! If you have time maybe you could check out Project Anime! Leave a message on my talk page by clicking the section of my signature saying "Chief Editor of the Anime Department!" that will direct you to my talk page, at the top there's a button saying "Leave a Message" click it and type your message, making sure you state your subject which you can do by making a heading or typing in the Subject Box beneath/above your message and also make sure you sign the message using four tildes ~ or by clicking the signature button. If I'm not available contact a member of Project Anime. If they're unavailable then a Pokepower:Main Page member and if they are too (which is doubtful as most of us are online) then contact an Admin. I hope you'll take an interest in this wiki and perhaps visit some Anime Articles! Signed Hstar Chief Editor of the Anime Department!


Give me a good reason why I shouldn't delete the image of "Artillerychu" and not along the lines of "it's funny" or "I'm using on my user page" as humorous as you think it is it's an irrelevant image.

-- Hstar (Talk) 16:09, June 22, 2011 (UTC)

You can delete it if you so desire, I just thought it was kind of amusing. However, please alert me to any violations of code, and I will take care of it myself. Wonderwalrus 17:44, June 22, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for the apology, newbie!

First of all I'm guessing you replied to your own message because your new, so I'll give you some advice. Peoples talk pages are there for your to reply to their messages sent to you or you can leave an entirely new one to them. Do not leave a message on your own talk page as it defeats the object and also it is unlikely the person you were aiming it at will see. Second, thank you for apologising, it was slightly funny I guess, if you enjoy uploading fanart I believe we have a family wiki dedicated to that. I'll link you to it. Check with Crimsonnavy if it's the right link.

-- Hstar (Talk) 15:32, June 24, 2011 (UTC)

On the contrary, friend. I reply on my own talk page merely to keep my thoughts organized. I find it difficult to recollect past conversations (in the event of a dispute) if said exchanges are strewn throughout a site on others' talk pages. However, in accordance with your advice, I will copy this and paste it onto your talk page. In addition, I highly respect the prompt and effective eradication of "irrelevant images" that you have displayed on this particular matter. The image has been removed. Wonderwalrus 03:13, June 26, 2011 (UTC)

Yes, we could compromise, you could write on your own talk page and paste it and I think that would still follow the rules. I think you have potential on this wiki.

-- Hstar (Talk) 13:04, June 26, 2011 (UTC)

So, it is an actual rule? ... interesting. I will keep that in mind. Regardless, I find it encouraging that you see potential in me. I generally stay away from creating pages; my specialty is detail work. If you happen across an article that doesn't seem to flow well, or has grammatical issues, please let me know, and I will make every reasonable effort to spruce it up.

Wonderwalrus 22:04, June 26, 2011 (UTC)

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