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Ok Pup, this happend a few days ago, but if you read my discussion with CB then you would know about when I said to HIM to try and get me, so I was at my friends house and I played 'Have you seen the Herobrine?' A few times on my PSP (I recorded it) then I changed the wallpaper of my PSP to this: (this was just to see how it looked, because it's my favoriot pic of HIM but it aslo creeps me out the most) then I went on the web for a few minuites on my PSP then I turned it off without exiting or changing the wallpaper. That night I did have a dream that Herobrine and I were fighting, it ened by HIM saying "you'll never know the truth" (don't know what he meant by that) so then I went back on my PSP when I got home that night and I went on the web then exited to change my wallpaper back then this is when it went weird, the wallpaper was all glitchy like a mix of all my pictures I have on my PSP all messed up as a glitch, but apart from that the rest of the PSP was fine for some reason, I had a little trouble getting onto TD Wiki via PSP that night to but that was all. The bad thing is I wasn't able to take a photo of what happend to the wallpaper because I wasn't meant to be on my PSP and my DSi makes a loud shutter noise, I was hoping to do it in the morning I was about to tell you what happend then my PSP froze and I had to turn it off and on... Which made the wallpaper revert to normal, I swear to Notch that this is all true, it was freaky as a zombie pie D: I don't think it was any normal PSP glitch though as the rest was working fine but it almost gave me a f**** heart attack Hail To The King Baby!- Love From Scourge, Your World For My Rule ^_^ 15:57, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

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