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Amulet Coin

Amulet Coin)

Buy For: Poké DollarCannot be bought
Sell For: Poké Dollar50
Type: No type
Generation: II

Amulet Coins (Japanese: おまもりこばん Amulet Coin) are items introduced in Generation II which doubles the prize money received from a trainer if the Pokémon in the battle is holding the item and joins in. The prize money can't increase any further, even when another Pokémon holding a Luck Incense or another Amulet Coin enters the battle. This item can be sold for Poké Dollar50.


  • The best way to get money is to give it to a Meowth and battle a Pokémon and use the move Pay Day.
  • In the hacked game of Pokémon FireRed ShinyGold Version, instead of your mother saving money, she will give you an Amulet Coin.


  • GSC: Johto: Goldenrod Underground
  • B2W2: Castelia City


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