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#REDIRECT [[User talk:Jäzzi]]
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|<div align="center">[[User:{{REVISIONUSER}}|{{REVISIONUSER}}]] ([[User talk:{{REVISIONUSER}}|talk]] &bull; [[Special:Contributions/{{REVISIONUSER}}|contribs]]) just edited this page!</div>
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive I|Archive I]] (December 24, 2010 - May 3, 2011)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive II|Archive II]] (May 3, 2011 - May 12, 2011)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive III|Archive III]] (May 12, 2011 - May 30, 2011)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive IV|Archive IV]] (May 30, 2011 - June 9, 2011)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive V|Archive V]] (June 9, 2011 - July 13, 2011)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive VI|Archive VI]] (July 13, 2011 - August 4, 2011)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive VII|Archive VII]] (August 4, 2011 - August 26, 2011)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive VIII|Archive VIII]] (August 26, 2011 - September 17, 2011)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive IX|Archive IX]] (September 17, 2011 - September 25, 2011)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive X|Archive X]] (September 25, 2011 - November 17, 2011)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive XI|Archive XI]] (November 17, 2011 - December 26, 2011)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive XII|Archive XII]] (December 26, 2011 - February 7, 2012)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive XIII|Archive XIII]] (February 7, 2012 - March 3, 2012)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive XIV|Archive XIV]] (March 3, 2012 - March 29, 2012)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive XV|Archive XV]] (March 29, 2012 - April 5, 2012)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive XVI|Archive XVI]] (April 5, 2012 - May 2, 2012)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive XVII|Archive XVII]] (May 2, 2012 - June 27, 2012)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive XVIII|Archive XVIII]] (June 27, 2012 - July 11, 2012)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive XIX|Archive XIX]] (July 11, 2012 - August 14, 2012)
* [[User talk:Jäzzi/Archive XX|Archive XX]] (August 14, 2012 - December 13, 2012)
== Foreign language Pokémon wikis ==
Hello Jäzzi. You seem to have the most edits of any active sysop, so I come to you. I was asked by a user to enable some interlanguage links for the Pokémon wiki, but before I change anything I want to have the English admins' approval. So I made
*an extensive list of foreign-language Pokémon wikis, which is at [[User:Elecbullet/Interlanguage links]]
*a forum post detailing my request, which can be found at [[Forum:Foreign language Pokémon wikis]]. TL;DR? Skip to the end.
I really hope I don't confuse you, this is a very large wiki and a very large franchise, so it was a lot of work to get this all thrown together. Please let me know if you have ''any'' questions. [[User:Elecbullet|Elecbullet]] ([[User talk:Elecbullet|talk]]) 06:36, December 29, 2012 (UTC)
==Wikia Gaming Alliance==
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!The Pokémon Wiki is formally invited to join the Wikia Gaming Alliance.<hr />
|The [[w:c:wga|Wikia Gaming Alliance]] (WGA) is an alliance created by wikis hosted on Wikia. It is an alliance where each wiki helps each other out when help is needed. It also helps to connect the gaming wikis of Wikia to create an easier experience for readers.Wikis in the WGA will:
*Be able to use the [[w:c:wga:Notice Board|WGA Notice Board]] to request services or post announcements.
*Be able to get help from other gaming wikis through the [[w:c:wga:Special:Forum|WGA Forums]].
*Be featured on the [[w:c:wga:Template:WGA Footer|WGA Footer]], which is located on the mainpage of all WGA members.
If the Pokémon Wiki is interested in joining the Wikia Gaming Alliance, then an admin should post a topic for the wiki ([*Wiki_Registration* here]) and include a filled out registration form, which is located [ here].
For more information on the Wikia Gaming Alliance, please check out the [[w:c:wga|Wikia Gaming Alliance's website]].
<br /><small>Note: The WGA is not officially endorsed by Wikia, it is just an alliance formed by wikis on Wikia. </small>
:No. &ndash; [[User:EnemyPeacemaker|<span style="font:9pt;color:#009E8E;font-style:italic;">Enemy</span>]][[User talk:EnemyPeacemaker|<span style="font:9pt;color:#00675C;font-style:italic;">Peacemaker</span>]] 22:50, January 7, 2013 (UTC)
== Message from [[User:Isaiahdoo‎|Isaiahdoo‎]] ([[User talk:Isaiahdoo‎|talk]]) ==
hey jerk i hate you because you deleted my page for no reason!
i dont care i worked really hard and i will make another so dont do it again plus im reporting you.
This is better right? {{User:Slayingthehalcyon/sig2|15:42,1/11/2013}}
Oh, well, I'm suprised, not many want to know about me.
Suffice it to say that I am an admin on 2 wikis (from one of which I learned to contribute properly, although on a harsher way) and a bureaucrat on one another. I update the episodes, though I hope others do the same. Hard and long work, but it suits me well, since I get to remember some of the episodes I watched... So, I hope that this satisfies your curiosity (for now). [[User:Energy X|<font color="red">E</font><font color="orange">n</font><font color="yellow">e</font><font color="green">r</font><font color="blue">g</font><font color="purple">y</font> <font color="gray">X</font>]] [[User talk:Energy X|∞]] 23:37, January 11, 2013 (UTC)

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