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June 19, 2014
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  • Yoponot

    So I'm going to be watching every Pokemon episode, movie, and special EVER! One every day!

    I will be documenting my opinions on every episode here:, while also working on the trivia for each episode here on the wiki.

    There are 365 days in a year and 886 episodes, movies, and specials so it should take me less then three years to complete it (and then I'll have to count the episodes, movies, and specials that aired in those three years).

    If you want to watch along with me, let's post stuff in the comments about our opinions on the episodes.

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  • Yoponot

    So about a week ago I put up a featured fourm post (so every user who logged onto the wiki got the message) asking if we should finally merge with this wiki and while we didn't get many votes, I think the in-activity, lack of users, and a few other reasons make for good reasons to merge with here.

    So now we have to do another Mystery Dungeon, we will be moving the pages and images from that wiki to this one.

    I can handle moving all of the pages over to here but once again we need people to help move over the images.

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  • Yoponot

    Pokemon WikiI have created a Facebook page for the Wiki (as I believe putting us on social media will bring more editors to the wiki).

    What will be on the facebook page? Well..

    • Fact of the Days (from the wiki)
    • Random Character, Pokemon, Episode, etc of the day (Link to the wiki's page on what that is)
    • The newest Pokemon News (with link to the blog)
    • Popular Blog Posts
    • New Promotions
    • Updates
    • Pokemon News
    • and much more!

    Make sure to give us a follow, hopefully one day we can get the Twitter back from Jazzi and start promoting ourselves there also!

    UPDATE: Due to responces in the comment section below I have also created a Twitter account for th…

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  • Yoponot
    1. New background, the white background with Kalos starters and legendary's is not appealing at all. It makes the site look like a noob on Wikia just created it, make it more professional and include more generations or just a simple design like the Poke Ball.
    2. Our current logo is ok but it just doesn't "feel" like Pokémon, maybe a logo more similar to the franchise's logo would work.
    3. Social Media. Social Media helps promote a site so much, it seems like this wiki can no longer access it's Twitter. But I suggest we create a new Twitter and a Facebook page to promote the wiki! (I can even run both of those pages).
    4. Template: Main Slider. Let's add this to the main page! It is the slider that is on the front of most wiki's that goes through four ima…
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  • Yoponot

    The request was approved and has now been merged with our wiki! Welcome merged users, hope you will return to editing MD articles like usual!

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