Hello I am Woybff. So Woybff you have any history with Pokemon? Yes reader, I'll get to that. First I'd just like to say that I'm autistic and I'm glad to be on this Wiki. I think mostly everyone will enjoy me here.

History of Pokemon

The begin

When I was five or something I got into Pokemon by watching the anime after school. Keep in mind I was watch Generation 3, and I wasn't born before Pokemon came out. But I know who Misty is, and she loves water types, but as in the anime her Psyduck is annoying to her. I also had Pokemon figures. I got them for hard at school or therapy. Or I got them at because of no reason.


The first game (of Pokemon) I got was crappy broad game. Wait that doesn't count, it must be DS games. Okay first DS game of Pokemon was White (Gen 5). There was one problem when I got it. I couldn't move it to select the girl. But the day after, my bother and I figure it out. My original team was a Tepig named Dat (Emboar), A Lillypup named Sweety (I'm not sure it evolved into a Stoutland), a Purrloin which evolved into a Liepard, a cute Pansage (Pansage was one of my favorite Pokemon, but my bother made evolved with a Grass stone, he didn't mean to), and a Patrat which evolved into a Watchhog, but I was watchdog (from Wander Over Yonder), bur Disney would sue. I lost this game and Heart Gold (my bother's game). I also had Soul Sliver, Pokemon X, and now Omega Rudy.

Watching the anime

Gen 3 was okay, but probably when I was younger I thought I was awesome. Gen 4 was okay too, I like Don. Not much in the anime interest me. But Gen one yet. I grow up watching it. I was Cilan's fan girl and I am still. He's my favorite Gym leader that's probably why I love Pansage. I REALLY loved his Pansage. The episodes were wonderous. I also hated Burgundy, Luke, Stephan, and Skyla. Because they beated Cilan or they hated. This was my show before LPS and Wander Over Yonder. And Gen's good too, but that good.

Final notes

I wish I go back in the past to tell myself. "Screw Dora, you should LOVE Pokemon and watch more Power Puff Girls and Fosters home for imagery friends." Because now I hate Dora. Would be cool if Pikachu killed Dora? The other reason is there was on there toys because of lead paint. Sadly Cilan was almost gone before I found out. I wish they were more episode, I loved Gen 5 anime.

Thanks for reading; share this with you friends.

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