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    Meet Woybff

    January 2, 2015 by Woybff

    Hello I am Woybff. So Woybff you have any history with Pokemon? Yes reader, I'll get to that. First I'd just like to say that I'm autistic and I'm glad to be on this Wiki. I think mostly everyone will enjoy me here.

    When I was five or something I got into Pokemon by watching the anime after school. Keep in mind I was watch Generation 3, and I wasn't born before Pokemon came out. But I know who Misty is, and she loves water types, but as in the anime her Psyduck is annoying to her. I also had Pokemon figures. I got them for hard at school or therapy. Or I got them at because of no reason.

    The first game (of Pokemon) I got was crappy broad game. Wait that doesn't count, it must be DS games. Okay first DS game of Pokemon was White (Gen 5). Ther…

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