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    We have some rather bad news. Apparently the Dragalge episode will be paostponed until further notice, and all episodes will be bumped up one number so the Ash vs. Grant episode is now the new XY024. Thank you.

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    Spoiler Info

    October 8, 2013 by Winxfan1

    Due to Canada getting X and Y before anyone else info has been leaked. While we wait until X and Y are released The other gyms need talking about:

    Viola is the first Gym and hers is the Bug Badge. She loses points for the lack of creativity in her badge name.

    Grant is the second and is a Rock-Type Gym Leader who has the Bug Badge. Think of him as Brock 2.0.

    Korrina is the fighting type Gym Leader is third and has the Rumble Badge. Trivia: Both Maylene and Korrina specialize in fighting types and both are the third gym leaders in their respective regions.

    Ramos is fourth and his badge is the Plant badge. Trivia, both Ramos and Erika are specialists in Grass type pokemon and are the fourth gym leaders in ther respective regions.

    Clemont is fifth …

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