Hello my name is Ethan and this is my story. I have the ability to talk to Pokémon but how I can is not important right now. So anyways one day I was playing on the Wii in my room when some creepy old guy with a lab coat, sandals, gray hair, and a blue undershirt popped out of my window. I said "Who the heck are you and how did you reach my window?!" Ignoring my last question he said "I'm Proffesor Oak. Now are you a boy or girl?" I did a facepalm and the proffesor said "A girl?" I said "No I'm a boy now get out of my room." Ignoring me once more Oak said "Now what's your name?" I said "Ethan. Go away before I call the cops." Oak left and I heard footsteps coming up. My mom came up and said "Proffesor Elm wants to see you! You're getting a Pokémon today!" 'Yes!' I thought. 'Todays my birthday so I'll get a Pokémon!' I ran downstairs and out the door only to be greeted by a Marill. Lyra came by picked up her Marill and said "Happy birthday Ethan! I can't wait too see what your Pokémon will be! I heard Proffesor Elm found Pokémon from Unova and Kalos here!" I ran to Proffesor Elm's lab and he said "You can choose one of these 3 Pokémon!" I saw three Pokéballs with name tags on it. The first one read Azurill. The next one read Gardevoir. The last one read Pancham. I picked up the last Pokéball and said "Go, Pancham!" Pancham came out and said "Thank, goodness! That dude kept me locked up in that device for years!" Pancham then turned around and saw me. It jumped up hugged me and said "Oh thank you for picking me!" I said "What should I name you?" Pancham said "How 'bout Bruce?" I said "Ok. Hey Bruce what are your moves?" Bruce said "Tackle, Leer, Low Sweep, and Dynamic Punch. Not a good moveset." Proffesor Elm said "Hey Ethan how about you do the Nuzlocke challenge? my friend Mr. Pokemon has an egg waiting for you." After hearing that I imeadietly ran to Mr. Pokemon's house while doing some training for Bruce along the way. I rushed in to his house and saw Proffesor Oak. I faked being polite and when I got the egg I ran out of the house screaming with terror after seeing Oak. I ran around for a while training Bruce along the way. When it hatched I set it down. When it hatched it was a Diglett.

Part 2- And so a rivalry was born

The newlyborn Digglet said "Hello!" I said "Okay let's cut to the chase. Hmmmm...."  I Pokedexed the Digglet and it read that it was energitic. I said "How about I name you Energy?" Energy said "That sounds good to me!" After a bit of training and a Starly that I caught on route 31 called Feathers, I got a phone call from Elm. He said in a very urgent tone "H-Help! Azurill has been stolen! I need you to get back here pronto!" I raced down Route 30 and 31 only to be greeted by a boy with red hair at the entrace to Route 29. He looked at my team and said "Wow your gonna have a hard time beating the Violet Gym with that party nerd." I said "You wanna battle? Come get some dweeb!" He said "Go Azurill!" "Bruce, I choose you!" "Scratch!" "Karate Chop!" Bruce just did a simple 'Hi-yaah!', a swing of his hand and the battle was done. The red-haired by said "Your pretty tough for a nerd! See ya later!" As he walked by his Trainer card dropped. I ran over picked it up and said "Silver huh? I'm Ethan." Silver yelled at me "Give it back!!" and ran off with his card. I came into Proffesor Elm's lab and after a rude accusing from a cop and Lyra saving me I told Elm about the boy. Elm said "Very intresting. That boy was being mean but I can agree with him on one thing." I said "What's that?" "Your team is pretty weak to Flying types. The Violet Gym specilizes in Flying types so your gonna need to catch a Pokemon on Route 32." "But I'm doing the Nuzlocke challenge." He patted me on the shoulder and said "Just hope for the best." I made it through Route 31 battling some trainers and when I made it to the gate when some one yelled to me. I turned around and it was Lyra.She said "Hello! See ya!" I then said to my team "That was awkward." I must've blushed beacuse Energy said "Ethan's got a girlfriend!" They all then shouted in unsion "Oooohh!" When we came into Violet City I headed to Route 32 straight away. When I came into the route what should await me but a Cryogonal. I Pokedexed it and Dexter said "Cryogonal, the Crystallizing Pokemon. They are composed of ice crystals. They capture prey with chains of ice, freezing the prey at -148 deegres Fahrenheit." This was the first time I used the Pokedex so I decided to use it on the others. "Pancham, the Playful Pokemon." Bruce shouted "Hey, I'm not playful, I'm serious!" Dexter continued "It does it's level best to glare and pull a scary face, but it can't help grinning if anyone pats it's head. Digglet, the Mole Pokemon. It's skin is very thin. If it is exposed to light it's blood heats up, causing it to grow weak." I saw Energy out and I was about to return it when I realized it was night. I caught Cryogonal, named it Snowflake, and checked Feathers. "Starly, the Starling Pokemon. They flock around mountains and fields, chasing after bug Pokemon. Thier singing is noisy and annoying." Feathers said "Hey my singing isn't annoying!" and made a fist at Dexter. I trained at the Sprout Tower and then entered the Violet gym. As soon as I went in I had a sinking feeling. Feathers asked "What's wrong? Scared of just a little height?" I said "Yea, and what's it to you?" After that arguement we beat the trainers. I walked up to the gym leader and said "I've come to challenge you." He came into view and I could see that he had blue hair, blue shorts, and a blue shirt. "I'm Falkner the Flying type Gym Leader and I accept your challenge. Go, Dragonite!" "Snowflake, I choose you!" I pointed the Pokedex at Dragonite and Dexter said "Dragonite, the Dragon Pokemon. It is said to make it's home somewhere in the sea. It guides crewsof shipwrecks to shore." "Dragonite, use Fire Fang!" "Snowflake dodge, and use Ice Beam." Dragonite then fainted. "Go, Aerodactyl!" Dexter said  "Aerodactyl, the Fossil Pokemon. This vicious Pokemon is said to have flown in ancient skys while shrieking high-pitched crys." "Areodyactyl, Rock Throw, now!" "Cryogonal return!" I said "That's one Pokemon dead. Go Feathers! Mach Punch!" As Aerodactyl fainted I saw a glowing light around Feathers. Falkner said "Incredible. It's evolving this early!" When it was done I pointed Dexter at Feathers. Dexter said "Staravia, the Starling Pokemon. It lives in forests or fields. Squabbles over territory occur when flocks colide." After I got the Zephyr Badge I saw Feathers showing off. "Bruce use Wake-up Slap on Feathers." Bruce slapped Feathers in the face and said "Don't do that again." After healing we headed off to the Ruins of Alph and when we got down there a Poochyena met us. I battled it, threw a Pokeball and captured it. I named it Fido. I pointed Dexter at Fido and he said "Poochyena, the Bite Pokemon. It has a very tenacious nature. Its acute sense of smell lets it chase a chosen prey without every losing track."

(I randomized all these pokemon in a generator, but it also randomized a scyther so bugsy still has her scyther.)

Part 3- A Sticky Situation

After getting through Route 32, I arrived at Union Cave. As soon as I went in a wild Latias attacked me. I pointed Dexter toward it and he said "Latias, the Eon Pokemon. Its body is covered with a down that can refract light in such a way that it becomes invisible." I caught Latias. I decided to not name it in honor of being the first Legendary Pokemon to have a gender. I battled all the trainers and as I was about to exit the cave, a faint glow came over Fido. I said "Evolving huh? Good for you. You trained hard." When it was done I checked Dexter on it. "Mightyena, the bite Pokemon. It chases down prey in a pack of around ten. They defeat foes with perfectly coordinated teamwork."

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