I'm making gyms for a new region and I hope you guys enjoy. I don't really want to do qoutes too. Enjoy! Sorry if these Pokemon are to OP I used a Pokemon generator.

1st Gym.

Number of Pokemon: 2

Pokemon: Gible and Dugtrio

Type: Ground

Gym Puzzle: You have to race across a platform where the pieces are elavators that randomly fall. If you fall down you have to climb up a ladder. You have to do all of this while also battling trainers. Once you defeat the gym leader a elavator takes you to the ladder.

Signature Pokemon: Dugtrio

2nd Gym.

Number of Pokemon: 3

Pokemon:Meowth, Ursaring, and Fearow.

Gym Puzzle: The gym is just a simple maze. Once you defeat the gym leader you teleport to the entrance.

Type: Normal

Signature Pokemon: Ursaring

3rd Gym.

Number of Pokemon: 4

Pokemon:Slowbro, Beeheyem, Dousion, Gardevoir with Mega Stone


Gym Puzzle: Find the right teleport to the gym leader. The others lead to regular trainers.

Signature Pokemon: Gardevoir

4th Gym.

Number of Pokemon: 3

Pokemon:Venasaur, Vileplume, Victreebell


Gym Puzzle: Find the right flowers. The trainers will give you clues.If you find the right flowers and place them in the right spot the path to the gym leader will be opened.

Signature Pokemon:Venasaur

5th Gym

Number of Pokemon:3

Pokemon:Grimer, Nidorina, Crobat


Gym Puzzle: Balance beam over goo while battling trainers.

Signature Pokemon:Crobat

6th Gym.

Number of Pokemon: 4

Pokemon:Dedenne, Flabèbe, Mawile, Klefki


Gym Puzzle: Find the switch to make the invisible stairs visible

Signature Pokemon:Klefki

7th Gym

Number of Pokemon:5

Pokemon:Palpitoad, Jellicent, Swampert, Pelliper, Feraligator


Gym Puzzle:Surf around a maze until you reach the gym leader

Signature Pokemon:Feraligator/Jellicent

8th Gym.

Number of Pokemon:5

Pokemon:Houndoom, Chandelure, Emboar, Blaziken, Magmotar


Gym Puzzle:Choose a Pokemon to surf across the lava.

Signature Pokemon:Chandelure/Emboar

1st Elite Four.

Number of Pokemon:6

Pokemon:Haxorus, Altaria, Hydreigon, Dragonite, Druddigon, Garchomp with Mega Stone


Signature Pokemon:Haxorus/Garchomp

2nd Elite Four.

Number of Pokemon:6

Pokemon:Galvantula, Zebstrika, Ampharos, Magnezone, Luxray, Manetric with Mega Stone


Signature Pokemon:Ampharos

3rd Elite Four.

Number of Pokemon:6

Pokemon:Toxicroak, Medicham, Breloom, Chesnaught, Conkeldurr, Lucario with Mega Stone


Signature Pokemon:Lucario

4th Elite Four

Number of Pokemon:6

Pokemon:Dewgong, Lapras, Vanilluxe, Mamoswine, Weavile, Aurorus


Signature Pokemon:Vanilluxe/Weavile

Champion! -TreeRexisAwesome19

Number of Pokemon:6

Pokemon:Trevenant,Drifblim,Bisharp,Scrafty,Houndoom with Mega Stone, Banette with Mega Stone

Type:Dark and Ghost

Signature Pokemon:Trevenant/Scrafty/Houndoom/Banette

If you manage to defeat me you are now the Champion of the Bellia region! Congrats! Someone please make a Pokemon online game or ROM of this! If so email me and send me the link and I'll go once it's done.

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