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  • I live in my own mind
  • I was born on March 19
  • My occupation is student/person on the internet
  • I am super fuckin gay, man
  • Wander The Shipper

    Hello my name is Ethan and this is my story. I have the ability to talk to Pokémon but how I can is not important right now. So anyways one day I was playing on the Wii in my room when some creepy old guy with a lab coat, sandals, gray hair, and a blue undershirt popped out of my window. I said "Who the heck are you and how did you reach my window?!" Ignoring my last question he said "I'm Proffesor Oak. Now are you a boy or girl?" I did a facepalm and the proffesor said "A girl?" I said "No I'm a boy now get out of my room." Ignoring me once more Oak said "Now what's your name?" I said "Ethan. Go away before I call the cops." Oak left and I heard footsteps coming up. My mom came up and said "Proffesor Elm wants to see you! You're getting a…

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  • Wander The Shipper

    Pokemon Gyms

    December 14, 2013 by Wander The Shipper

    I'm making gyms for a new region and I hope you guys enjoy. I don't really want to do qoutes too. Enjoy! Sorry if these Pokemon are to OP I used a Pokemon generator.

    Number of Pokemon: 2

    Pokemon: Gible and Dugtrio

    Type: Ground

    Gym Puzzle: You have to race across a platform where the pieces are elavators that randomly fall. If you fall down you have to climb up a ladder. You have to do all of this while also battling trainers. Once you defeat the gym leader a elavator takes you to the ladder.

    Signature Pokemon: Dugtrio

    Number of Pokemon: 3

    Pokemon:Meowth, Ursaring, and Fearow.

    Gym Puzzle: The gym is just a simple maze. Once you defeat the gym leader you teleport to the entrance.

    Type: Normal

    Signature Pokemon: Ursaring

    Number of Pokemon: 4


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