Torterra Synthesis Energy Ball Leaf storm Rock climb/Slide - To say just a switch out via rock move

Infernape Dig Flare Blitz Mach Punch Flamethrower 

Buizel Ice Punch aqua jet water gun sonicboom

Gliscor Fire fang Gigi Inpact Stone Edge X-Scissor

Gible drago Meteor Dragon Pulse Dig Rock Smash

Unfezant Quick Attack Air Cutter Gust Aerial Ace

Oshawott Tackle Razor Shell Aqua Jet Hydro Pump

Pignite Flame Charge Flamethrower Fire pledge brick break

Snivy Attract Vine Whip Leaf Storm Leaf Blade

Scraggy HJK Leer Headbutt Focus Blast - HJK - is High jump Kick

Leavanny Energy ball String Shot x-scissor Razor leaf

Palpitoad Mud Shot hydro pump Supersonic sludge wave

Boldore Rock Blast Rock Smash Sandstorm Flash Cannon

Krookadile Dig Stone Edge Dragon claw Aerial Ace

Gerninja- Cut Aerial Ace Water Shuriken Double Team

Talonflame- Peck Flame Charge Brave Bird Steel wing

Hawlucha - HJK Flying Press Karate Chop X-Scissor

Goodra- Bind Rain Dance Ice Beam Dragon pulse

Noivern- SuperSonic dragon claw Boomburst acrobatics

Rowlet- Peck  Tackle Leafege 

Rockruff- Rock throw Bite Tackle

Litten- Fire Fang Scratch Fury Swipes Ember

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