This thing on can you all hear me okay good as all of you know as of recently on Community Central wiki i've done a adoption which is titled;

Pokemon Vortex (3) -which is located in/on the wikia adoption page on top of there wikia site; to get there check Request & Staff help it should be the first one on there

-The reason behind that adoption is because of many a wikia contributors have said some inapropraite sayings onto there wiki-wikia community! I've been deleting like "hello" in that & the time for them has come for them to REALLY STOP what they are doing & not only that but since no admin avalable on that site it's become a "mad house" so if anyone ANYONE wants to help sign up/in on that page which is linked onto the front page of that site to start checking that site out for anything like;

Spams/Trolls & so on from the front page onto there activity page to help me out to get that wiki-wikia community back under control 4 me as a user! I know that deep down deeper then a hole in the universe itself we don't say anything as an; Admin/user/staff nor even a contributor should EVEN say such things like that on any given community nor communities nor wiki/wikia's as a user so yes!

For those whois are reading this i could use MEGA help onto that site for links check the adoption out which is linked onto there after that go at it! & Oh have fun at it if there is anything ANY darn thing we could somewhat use for like a *merge* on these two vortex's communities let me know ASAP so that away you can start link-ups onto it from here to there;

So you all know Yes that site is completely overrun & without (a) admin on that site then that comminity not to say but communities are down/dead to become friends on this wiki okay so you all notice this;

PLEASE & THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME~ Trainer Micah - sorry for the caps and mispellings alright Kind Regards & let's hope for a brighter future on all Pokemon Communities wiki/wikia's not just this one cool! See Ya i gotta get back,

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