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Ash's Pokemon XY Series Prediction's And ideas for use

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Like the summary I hope these are okay on what i can remember if not let me know what i need to change okay...

Kento - Pidgey, Rattata Buterfree Pidgeot Bulbasaur Charzard Parasect Exeggutor Squrtle Kingler Raticate Hunter Primeape Muk Rapidash Porygon Togapi Arbok Weezing Meowth Taruos Kangaskhan Dragonair Jynx Dewgong Mewtwo

- out of rideable pokemon ash only rode i remember was Dragonair that season i am certain my eyes didn't lie to it i recalled it was one of our banned episodes - the legend of Dratni - on other then that yes i am happy i remember all of this episode..

Magma series - Poliwrath Ferrow Oddish Slowbro Primeape

Orange ilands - was nothing to special that i can recall only ash riding Lapras around the orange ilands which made it feel good

Johto - Growlithe Spinarak Stantler Ledyba Hoppip Chinchou Sentret Sunkern Flaaffy Haracross Hoothoot Mewtwo Belsprout Bayleef Cynaquil Houndour Staryu Psyduck Sunflora Smeargle Totodile Entei Miltank Celebi Noctowl Bellossom Beedrill Seeking Girafarig Lanturn Octillery Shuckle Phanpy Pikachu(ash) Larvatar Tyranotar Taruos Latias Latios Starmie Horsea Goldeen Corsola Vulpix Crobat Geodude Pineco 

Hoenn - Pidgeot Swellow Grovyle Pillipper Baltoy Corphish Peko(wingull) Aron Hitmonlee Togatic Torkoal Jirachi Vibrava Surskit Camperupt Plusle Minun Deoxys Lombre Glalie

- During the hoenn season i saw that ash ride with peko to shore the two looked like they were having fun on the beach

Battle Frontair - Lucario Mew Donfan Secptile Taruos Apiom Bagon Chatot Manaphy Ho-oh Mime-me (Delia Mr. Mime) Azurill Taruos 

- The battle frontair saga i remember Ash rode on Charzard to help get his pikachu back from team rocket with bulbsaur & Squrtle riding with him so it was cool that ash as well as his trio starters rode charzard to rescue his first pokemon i loved that episode...

Sinnoh - Staraptor Troterra Dialga Palkia Darkrai Mothim Womadam Driffloon Manectric Infernape Bibarel Hippopotas Buizel Ambipom Riolu Buneary Pachurisu Happiny Sudowoodo Wailmer Cresselia Azelf Sheymin Giratina Gliscor Arceus Raichu Spionk Mantyke Gible Quilava Chensey Togekiss Piplup Zorua Zoroark Croagunk

- Driffloon was a great rideable pokemon in anime i remember Ash was helping one of Nurse Joys children paige joy help look for 'Suicune in the end she saw it and was with her sister to catch ash from a moutain side from a huge fall - so in the end both these pokemon we're rideable -

- Giratina was also rideable in the movie "Giriatina and the Sky Warrior Ash helped it take down Zero"

Unava - Unfezant Oshawott Pignite Snivy Scraggy Vintini Rashiram Zekrom Leavanny Cottonee Cubchoo Elgyem Palpitoad Gothita Solosis Archeops Duosion Boldore Carracosta Cobalion Terrakion Virizon Keldeo Kyurem Volcarona Krookodile Meloetta Tornadus Thundurus Laandorus Larvatar Braviary Charzard

- Rashiram & Zekrom were both rideable in Ash's vision he was riding Zekrom while Iris was riding Rashiram

- Keldio was also rideable while ash & keldio was trying to get away from kyurem in movie "kyurem in the soard of justice"

Declore ilands - Beedrill Butterfree Dunsparce Lapras Taruos Gliscor Sableye Genesect

Kelos - Froakie Fletching Rhyhorn Vivillon Espurr & Snorlax

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