Pikachu;'thunderbolt quick attack Iron Tail Electro Ball

Butterfree: Tackle String Shot Confusion psybeam

Pidgeot:Gust sand Attack Agility Wing Attack

Bulbasaur;Vine Whip Solar Beam Razor Leaf Leach seed

Charzard; Dragon Tail slash wing attack flamethrower

Squrtle:Rapid Spin Water gun Hydro Pump Skull Bash

Kingler:Vice Grip bubble Hyper beam Crabhammer

Raticate:Hyper fang super fang & Jump Kick/Rock Smash-for me

Hunter; Lick - Despite learning the least moves in anime

Primeape: Scratch Seismic toss mega Kick Thrash

Muk Poison Gas Sludge Bomb Bodyslam

Taruos: Horn Attack double team Fussure/bulldoze-for me

Lapras- 'water gun ice beam surf & dive

Snorlax: Body Slam Hyper Beam Rest & Snore

Herracross: Horn attack sleep Talk Hyper Beam Megahorn

Bayleef;Razor leaf Headbutt Light Screen Body slam

Quilava: Flame Wheel Flamethrower Aerial Ace Eruption

Totodile;Slash Crunch Water gun Fail

Noctowl Sky attack Confusion Extrasensory Air Slash

Beedrill poison Sting String shot twineedle

Seeking Dive horn Drill fury Attack Waterfall

Donfan Defense Curl Rollout hidden Power Hyper beam

Larvatar Dig bite Screech Hidden Power

Swellow peck Quick attack Aerial Ace Double Team

Secptile Leaf Storm Leaf blade Quick Attack Solar beam

Corphish Harden bubblebeam Crabhammer Vice Grip

Torkoal Iron Defense BodySlam Flamethrower Heat Wave

Glalie Icy Wind Ice beam Double Team Headbutt

Ambipom - Double Hit Swift Double Team Focus Punch

Staraptor -Brave Bird Quick Attack Arial Ace Close Combat

Box 1's completed continuing to speculation Box 2's Blog

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