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Ash's Reserve's for the Lumoise Con. Your thoughts & Predictions

Here's what i know so far 4 the Kalos League aka Lumiose Conference Ash's Team as of Today!

Ash's League Party: Hawlucha Noivern Talonflame Pikachu Goodra Gerninja - Ash Runner-up 

Ash's Reserves: Bulbasaur Charzard Kingler Muk Taruos(30) Snorlax Heracross Bayleef Quilava Totodile Noctowl(S) Donfan Swellow Secptile Corphish Torkoal Glalie Staraptor Torterra Infernape Buizel Gliscor Gible Unfezant Oshawott Pignite Snivy Scraggy Leavanny Palpitoad Boldore Krookadile

S-shiny P-Predictions SY- Sync Evolution

M-Mega Evolution  E-Evolution  Well Alain's Won 

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