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Ash's Pokemon XY Series Prediction's And ideas for use

Like the summary.. Ash's starter will remain the same like always which is - Pikachu 

Kento - Butterfree Pidgeot Bulbasaur Charzard Squrtle Kingler Raticate Hunter Primeape Muk Rapidash Porygon Togapi Arbok Wezzing Meowth Taruos(30) Mimey 

Magma Series - Ferrow Oddish Slowbro Primeape(2)

Orange ilands - Lapras Snorlax Lugia

Johto - Herracross Hoothoot Bayleef Mewtwo Cynaquil Houndour Staryu Psyduck Totodile Noctowl Beedrill Seeking Arcanine Ashchu(2) Phanpy Latias Larvatar

Hoenn/Kento Frontair-Pidgeot(2) Swellow Secptile Corphish Hitmonlee Ludicolo Marshtop Togatic Torkoal Flygon Glalie Mew Lucario Donfan Ho-oh Aipom 

Sinnoh - Staraptor Torterra Infernape Buizel Ambipom Gliscor Sudowoodo Riolu Luxio Azelf Shaymin Giratina Arceus Buneary Pachurisu Raichu Spoink Mantyke Gible Quilava Zorua Zoroark Celebi Chansey Piplup

Unava - Unfezant Oshawott Pignite Snivy Scraggy Leavanny Victini Reshiram Zekrom Venipede Cottonee Palpitoad Boldore Keldeo Cobalion Krookadile' Melloetta Rattata Butterfree(2) Axew Stableye Genesect

Kelos - Pidgey Gerninja Talonflame Rhyhorn Vivillon(Element) Skrelp Hawlucha Diancie Goodra Skiddo Florges(Blue) Pancham Luxray Hoopa Latias(2/Mega) Lugia(2) Latios(Mega) Rayquaza(Mega/Shiny) Mamoswine Litleo Volcanion Magnearna

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