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  • Trainer Micah

    In On Hand: Pikachu Frogadier Fletchinder Hawlucha Goomy  

    Box 1: Pikachu Butterfree Pidgeot Bulbasaur Charzard Squrtle

    Kingler Raticate Hunter Primeape Muk Taruos 

    Lapras Snorlax Heracross Bayleef Quilava Totodile 

    Noctowl Beedrill Seeking Donfan Larvatar Swellow

    Secptile Corphish Torkoal Glalie Ambipom Staraptor 

    Box 2:Torterra Infernape Buizel Gliscor Gible Unfezant

    Oshawott Pignite Snivy Scraggy 'Leavanny Palpitoad

    Boldore Krookadile 

    Temperare's - Rapidash Porygon Arbok Weezing Mewoth Togapi Hoothoot Psyduck

    Staryu Pidgeot Ludicolo Hitmonlee Pachurisu Buneary Sudowoodo Riolu Raichu

    Spoink Mantyke Luxio Chansey Piplup Venepide Litwick Cottonee Butterfree Rhyhorn

    Vivillon Skrelp Skiddo

    Side series - Ferrow Oddish Slowbro Primeape(x2)

    Um Team change n…

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  • Trainer Micah

    Like the summary.. Ash's starter will remain the same like always which is - Pikachu 

    Kento - Butterfree Pidgeot Bulbasaur Charzard Squrtle Kingler Raticate Hunter Primeape Muk Rapidash Porygon Togapi Arbok Wezzing Meowth Taruos...

    Magma Series - Ferrow Oddish Slowbro Primeape... - Poliwrath - made me think of the Oak's Summer Camp when Ash was young in XY

    Orange ilands - Lapras Snorlax

    Johto - Herracross Hoothoot Bayleef Cynaquil Staryu Psyduck Totodile Noctowl Beedrill Seeking Phanpy Larvatar

    Hoenn/Kento Frontair - Pidgeot Swellow Secptile Corphish Hitmonlee Torkoal Lulicolo Glalie Donfan Aipom

    Sinnoh - Staraptor Torterra Infernape Buizel Ambipom Gliscor Buneary Pachurisu  Sudowoodo Raichu Spoink Mantyke Gible Quilava Chansey Piplup

    Unava - Unf…

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  • Trainer Micah

    This is all the pokemon that ash had as of Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 games  On Hand: Pikachu 

    Released - Butterfree Pidgeot Lapras Seeking Togatic Cottonee Archeops Carracosta 

    At Oak's - Bulbasaur Charzard Kingler Muk Taruos Snorlax Heracross Bayleef Totodile Noctowl Swellow Corphish Torkoal Glalie Donfan Secptile Staraptor Torterra Infernape Buizel Gliscor Gible Quilava Unfezant Oshawott Pignite Snivy Scraggy Leavanny Palpitoad Boldore Krookodile

    Called - Squrtle Primeape Ambipom

    Traded - Raticate 

    Given Away - Hunter Togapi Beedriill Larvatar Riolu

    From Trainer Borrowed - Rapidash Porygon Arbok Wezzing Meowth Hitmonlee Lulicolo Buneary Pachurisu Chensey Sudowoodo Raichu Spoink Mantyke Piplup

    Magma's series - Ferrow Oddish Slowbro Primeape


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  • Trainer Micah

    Ash Has had a lot of pokemon as of this point both old and also new so in return this blog should contain all the pokemon he has seen from the adventures in each region as well as a new adventure each time when it air's so you know these regions will contain on what pokemon are where via next blog ...

    Kento & Starter - Pikachu Butterfree Pidgeot Bulbasaur Charzard Squrtle Kingler Raticate Hunter Primeape Muk Rapidash Proygon Togapi Arbok Wezzing Meowth Taruos(30) Ferrow Oddish Slowbro Mankey Mew

    Orange ilands - Lapras Snorlax Slowking Lugia Articuno Zapidos Moltras 

    Johto - Heracross Hoothoot Mewtwo Bayleef Cynaquil Psyduck Staryu Totodile Noctowl Beedrill Seeking Suecune Celebi Phanpy Larvatar Latias Latios 

    Hoenn - Swellow Grovyle Corphish J…

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