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  • Trainer Micah

    If anyone has played yugioh before & is wanting to give cards away let me know via your email address is required in comments & There's no money involved and this is to anyone whois wanting to give cards away alright no trades as well. Here's cards i need:

     Dark Spiral Force - trap card

    Dark Magic Twin Burst​ - possibly magic or trap card could be useful on combinations ​​​​​​

    Bond Between Teacher & Student - These are of movies if anyone has two/three of them i'd like one if you do kk continuing onward

    Dedication though light & Darkness - Magic card

    Dark Magician of Chaos - effect monster - got the ritual however no magic card to summon him sense i have the ritual monster kk

    Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning - special note i have Blac…

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  • Trainer Micah

    Happy New year

    December 26, 2017 by Trainer Micah

    Here's a little bit of Holiday greeting from me! so you know as such Happy New year when time comes around!


    & From me via 2018 when it comes soon.Trainer Micah (talk) 16:08, December 26, 2017 (UTC)

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    My reminder blog

    August 17, 2016 by Trainer Micah

    This is a update for everyone so you know for discussion guidelines  alright we're deciding to change it in upcoming day's kk. And reminder like i said alright in discussion.

    Guideline for Discussion:
    1 - This forum is part of the wiki you can contribute to as well! You can check it out, Search for info help the wiki out!
    2 - Be nice & treat user's with respect. Keep discussion civil & open-minded about differing opinions, & please don't use slur's or discrimintory insults!
    3 - No asking for or posting personal or confidential info about other user's (Especially under 13) without premission, Such as Real name, street addresses, financial details, date of birth so on, think twice before posting perso…
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    Ash's on hand:

    Travelling with/Pokemon riding; Sharpedo Tauros Lapras Pelipper Charizard Stoutland Garchomp Mudsdale

    At Oak's lab; Bulbasaur(4) Charizard(4) Squirtle(3) Kingler(3) Muk(3) Tauros(30) Ferrow(2) Oddish(2) Snorlax Heracross Bayleef Quilava Totodile(3) Noctowl(S) Donfan Swellow Sceptile Corphish(3) Torkoal Glalie Staraptor Torterra Infernape Buizel(2) Gliscor(2) Gible Unfezant Oshawott(2) Pignite Snivy Scraggy(2) Leavanny Palpitoad Boldore Krookodile Talonflame(2) Hawlucha Noivern Rowlet(Gz) Lycanroc(Dusk(Rz) Rotom(N) Torracat(Nz) Poipole

    Released;Butterfree(6) Pidgeot(4) Togetic(2) Lapras(3) Seaking Archeops Carracosta Braviary(N's) Greninja(2) Buzzwole 

    In Training; Raticate Slowbro Primeape(3) Ambipom Goodra(2)


    Given Away/Traded;…

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  • Trainer Micah

    Ash has alot of pokemon during his adventure upto the latest,

    Kento & Starter- Pikachu Butterfree Pidgeot Bulbasaur Charizard Squirtle Kingler Raticate Hunter Primeape Muk Rapidash Proygon Togepi Arbok Wezzing Meowth Taruos(1) Mimey

    Side Series/Orange ilands- Ferrow Oddish Slowbro Primeape(2) Lapras Snorlax

    Johto- Heracross Hoothoot Bayleef Mewtwo Cynaquil Houndour Staryu Psyduck Totodile Noctowl Beedrill Seeking Kingler(2) Lugia Arcanine Phanpy Pikachu(2) Lapras(2) Larvatar Latias 

    Hoenn/Battle Frontier- Pidgeot(2) Swellow Secptile Corphish Hitmonlee Togetic Marshtomp Ludicolo Torkoal Flygon Glalie Mew Lucario Donfan Ho-oh Aipom

    Sinnoh- Staraptor Torterra Infernape Buizel Ambipom Gliscor Sudowoodo Riolu Luxio Rapidash(2) Azelf Shaymin Giratina…

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