Hi, Poke-Nerds! Since I’m a regular around the Pokemon Wikia, I thought I might as well let you guys know what some of my favorite Pokemon are. Before we begin, I just want to say that the following list is ONLY my personal opinion, and it will never affect you, your life, or the way you play Pokemon. It is also important that you understand that I will probably never see things the same way as you do, and I want to say that that’s okay. So please don’t hate me if one of my favorite Pokemon is one that you can’t stand, or my style of playing isn’t the same as yours. I would love to hear your opinions in the comments, though, so please feel free to let me know what your favorite Pokemon are as well. Just try to be polite, okay? :)

Okay, you’re probably sick of me lecturing you at this point, so without further ado, let’s get started with my Top Ten Favorite Pokemon List.

Number 10: Goodra


Alright, so I’m probably in the minority here, but...Just look at it! This thing is just begging for a big hug! Okay, sure, it’s totally slimy, but the fact that it doesn’t seem to realize it just adds to the overall cuteness factor. This thing isn’t on the list just for cuteness, though. As a little kid, I spent a lot of time playing outside in my front yard, and I always loved going out after a big rainstorm and seeing all the snails come out to have adventures. I especially loved the bigger ones, which looked huge compared to all the other bugs crawling around, but they would always duck inside their shells if you touched them, as though they didn’t realize how big and gross they were. Goomy, Sliggoo, and Goodra all hold a special place in my heart simply because of these fond memories, and I can’t help but smile when I see one.

Number 9: Snorlax


Snorlax is the weird one on this list because I don’t actually have any fuzzy, heartwarming tales to tell about my experiences with it. In fact, I’ve spent very little time with a Snorlax in my party when compared to other Pokemon. What puts it on my top ten list are its stats. This thing is a total beast on the battlefield. With high defense and a wide-range arsenal of many different moves, Snorlax is the Pokemon who will save the day when I’m in trouble. With moves like Rest, Sleep Talk, Snore, and Body Slam, it’s amazing how this little...I mean, big fat guy makes battling look so easy. Snorlax has always been a big challenge for me when I’m up against it, and it’s never disappointed me when I’ve battled with it on my team.

Number 8: Buizel and Floatzel


My very first Pokemon game was Pokemon Diamond, and at only eight or nine years old, I wasn’t what you’d call a veteran. I remember falling head-over-heals in love with Buizel, and I hunted feverishly for one just outside of Floaroma Town. That cute little nose, those adorable paws, and the life preserver ring around its neck all drew me in and captivated me. I liked the idea of a water Pokemon who needed some kind of floatation device to help it swim, because I really enjoyed swimming, but I wasn’t a very strong swimmer, and I always had to wear a floatie or a life jacket. I finally caught one of my own and I named her Lily, because I thought she might look a little like a furry lily pad when she was floating along in a lake. Lily and I battled ferociously together, and she proved to be a valuable asset to my team, even though I didn’t know very much about Pokemon battling at the time. I thought my adorable little buddy would be my best friend forever, but it all changed when my game stopped me after yet another brutal KO of a wild Pokemon and told me Lily was about to evolve. I was shocked! I had no idea that Buizel would evolve, and had I known it would, I might not have wanted it so badly. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed in Floatzel, who lacked the drop-dead adorability of Buizel. I seriously considered getting rid of her, but then I remembered all the times we had fought together, and all the childlike joy Lily had given me. I resolved to get used to her new design, and with my best friend by my side, I went on to claim all eight Gym Badges of Sinnoh. As we fought together, I began to appreciate Floatzel’s athletic charm and sleek beauty, and though Lily is long gone now, she and her species will always hold a special place in my heart and on my top ten Pokemon list.

Number 7: Pikachu


No, it’s not just because he’s famous as the game’s mascot. The Pikachu I’m thinking of is a very special little guy named Buddy. When I first started playing Pokemon X, I remember wondering what kinds of Electric Pokemon could be found early on in the game, and as I traversed Santalune Forest with my trusty Fennekin by my side, I also began to wonder what kinds of Pokemon I’d keep for my team. I was really surprised when a wild Pikachu jumped out at me. I didn’t know they could be found so early on in the game. Acting on a whim, I caught him and named him Buddy. Not the best nickname in the world, but I’ve never been very good at names. Buddy became my inseparable partner all the way to the Elite Four. What really won me over was his reactions in Pokemon-Amie. Pikachu has the most unique and varied mannerisms and sounds out of any Pokemon in Pokemon-Amie, and the way Buddy reacted to my every action just melted my heart. It didn’t exactly hurt that he had some amazing moves for battle, such as Electro Ball and Discharge. Buddy later evolved into Raichu, and his spot in my party was taken over by another Pokemon, but I never forgot the loyal Buddy who had followed me from one end of the game all the way to the next, and it’s thanks to him that I’m always happy to see another Pikachu now.

Number 6: Castform


I’m going to spend the rest of my life dodging rotten fruit thrown at me by the Smogen team for this one. Castform is another oddity on this list because I don’t have any sentimental attachment to it. I just think it’s fun. Castform may be small, but the amount of joy I get from battling with one isn’t. Castform’s form-changing gimmick never gets old to me for some reason. I love all three of its weather-influenced forms, and pulling off a successful Weather Ball is extremely satisfying for me. Yes, I’m already aware that as far as battling goes, Castform is at the very, very, VERY bottom of the PU tier. Fortunately for Castform, though, I’m not competitive enough to care. If I were a competitive battler, Castform probably wouldn’t even be on this list, but as a Pokemon I can just pal around with while we beat up some Wild Pokemon, this little cloud suits me to a T.

Number 5: Dialga


This thing is the only reason I beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Diamond. As a Dragon/Steel type, it’s resistant to most of the other types that would otherwise be super effective. I remember when I first got it, I took it to the Footprint guy near Pastoria and had him tell me what such a powerful Pokemon thought of being my friend. I was really upset to discover that Dialga wasn’t happy with me because it thought I loved my other Pokemon more than it. I was determined to prove that wasn’t the case, and to make Dialga understand that I loved it just as much as everyone else in my team. I trained hard with it, took it to get a massage in Veilstone, fed it Poffins until it could hardly hold its own weight anymore, and just hung out with it, hoping to make it feel as loved as possible. I felt bad that Team Galactic had hurt it, and I guess my young mind wanted to let such a powerful Pokemon know that it could feel safe around me. My Dialga and I went on to crush the Elite Four together, and it became one of my most trusted partners. And the best part of this happy ending? When I took him back to the Footprint guy, he told me that Dialga thought the world of me, and was so happy to be my friend.

Number 4: Furret


After beating the Elite Four in Kalos, I set about to filling the Pokedex. I would travel with my team and use the Experience Share to raise the Pokemon I wanted to evolve. One of these Pokemon was Sentret. Sentret is possibly one of the derpiest Pokemon I have ever seen, and I was eager to get it out of my party as soon as it evolved. Obviously, I had no idea what sort of atomic bomb of cuteness I was in for. When my Sentret evolved, I took one look at it and squealed like a school girl. Instantly, Furret shot up to my top five Pokemon list, and Sophie joined the ranks as one of my favorite team members. Her cuteness led her to greatness, and she was the first Pokemon I ever leveled up to 100. She got so ridiculously strong that I was able to defeat the Elite Four again with only one Pokemon on my team, Furret. What I loved about her was how she always looked so happy to see me, whether we were battling, doing Super Training, or hanging out in Pokemon-Amie. I loved to imagine living with her, having her curl up with me to take naps, or romp around the neighborhood with me. She was great at filling in the gaps when I came up against a type I didn’t have any strengths against, and her Foresight move saved me at least a hundred times when battling Ghost types.

Number 3: Luxray


Again, this story begins when I was just a little kid, still learning the basics of Pokemon. One of the earliest Pokemon you encounter in Pokemon Diamond is Shinx, the Electric-type, and it was quite honestly the cutest thing I had ever seen in a video game before. I was a little disappointed when it evolved into Luxio, but I decided that I would learn to love the new design. After all, my Shinx had always been so faithful to me. That wouldn’t change just because she looked different. I thought she would always be a Luxio, so imagine my surprise when the game told me that she wanted to evolve again. I was a little nervous when the light started flashing. What if I couldn’t learn to like her new form like I did Luxio? Then Luxray emerged and every one of my fears shattered. Luxray has always been a model of strength and nobility to me, and I like to imagine it being super protective of me and affectionate. Imagining a Luxray to keep me safe and loved has always been comforting, even as I got older. Luxray was the first Pokemon I ever beat the Elite Four with, and even though I’m older and less imaginative than I used to be, the image of a Luxray standing by my side through the thick and thin, willing to sacrifice anything to keep me safe has always brought with it a sense of comfort and security.

Number 2: Fennekin


Fennekin ranks high on many people’s lists because it evolves into a Fire/Psychic type, but me personally, I love this little puppy just as it is. I always love the way it jumps for joy when it sees me in Pokemon-Amie, and I’ve never seen anything cuter than when it high-fives me, or sits on command. It’s just like a warm, fluffy puppy....except it can breathe fire, and will totally MURDER you if you try anything funny around me. My Fennekin Prince is level 100, and he was the very first Pokemon I got in Kalos. He’s never evolved, and while he’s not that impressive in battle, the enthusiastic way he greets life with a woof and a wagging tail has captured my heart, and I wouldn’t give him up for any legendary, even a shiny one.

Number 1: Sylveon


As someone who has struggled with severe anxiety my entire life, the idea of a Pokemon who could exude a sense of peace and calm others around it was always appealing. Sylveon is the one Pokemon I wish I could have with me in real life. Whenever I’m in the middle of an anxiety attack, I like to picture a Sylveon coming and sitting in my lap and giving me a hug with its ribbons. Unlike many other Eeveelutions, Sylveon has an incredibly high Special Attack, and can learn brutal moves like Moonblast and Draining Kiss. For a Pokemon who would rather calm fights than win them, this little kitty sure could pack a whollop if she wanted to. Besides, she’s pink, girly, and looks like a kitty crossed with a bunny. It’s the perfect combination for me!

So there you have it, my top ten favorite Pokemon. What are yours? Please leave a comment and let me know. And as always, be good and don’t do anything stupid unless I’m there to help.

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