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  • Tigerfriend1999

    Hi, Poke-Nerds! Since I’m a regular around the Pokemon Wikia, I thought I might as well let you guys know what some of my favorite Pokemon are. Before we begin, I just want to say that the following list is ONLY my personal opinion, and it will never affect you, your life, or the way you play Pokemon. It is also important that you understand that I will probably never see things the same way as you do, and I want to say that that’s okay. So please don’t hate me if one of my favorite Pokemon is one that you can’t stand, or my style of playing isn’t the same as yours. I would love to hear your opinions in the comments, though, so please feel free to let me know what your favorite Pokemon are as well. Just try to be polite, okay? :)

    Okay, you’…

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  • Tigerfriend1999

    Am I missing something? I can't find a way to delete my own blog posts. It seems odd that that wouldn't be a function, but as far as I can tell, it isn't. It's sort of a shame, because some of my older posts are outdated, and I was hoping to replace them with newer posts. Oh well. As they say in Kalos, c'est la vie.

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  • Tigerfriend1999

    This is one of my favorite conversation starters. ZO8

    "Which Pokemon do you think would be the best partner for you in real life and why?"

    My personal answer is Sylveon. I can get stressed out and anxious easily, so I think having Sylveon by my side to help keep me calm would be super helpful. Plus, let's face it...Sylveon's adorable.

    So what do you think? Leave your answer in the comments below if you feel like making a ditzy little daydreamer like me happy. (Kudos to those who found the secret Sylveon in this post!)

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