• ThunderBeam707

    Jame's next Pokemon should be a Phantump or at least a Trevenant, now I know others would think Ash should have a Trevenant rather than James but hear me out on this one, the reason I would like James to have a Trevenant is because not only it's a Grass type and that it would make Team Rocket at least a bit stronger but it would also keep constantly attacking James every time it's called out from its Pokeball, similar to how his previous Grass Pokemon, Victreebel, Cacena, and Carnivine would come out and attack James in a act of affection. I just think it works for James more than it does Ash, Trevenant looks so big and strong I could actually see it constantly bear hugging James in a sign of affection, just crushing James with its branchy-like arm…

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