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  • TheBlueRogue

    The Pokémon Gym is an immensely important part of being a Pokémon Trainer. Challenging these tough trainers is the gateway to the ultimate challenge: The Elite Four. With the impending release of Pokémon X and Y, we thought it would be a fun idea to create our own Pokemon Gyms!

    As many of you know, each PokémonGym focuses on a specific type of Pokémon. Gym Trainers attempt to reach perfection with their team, and Pokémon choice in a team is very important!

    Now it's time for you to create your own Gym! Show us your Pokémon knowledge by answering these questions in the comments:

    Region/City Location of Gym:
    Name of Badge: Pokemon Type: (Up to 2)
    Pokemon Team (up to 6):

    Without further ado, I'd like to present my own Pokémon Gym!

    Gym Leader Name:

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  • TheBlueRogue

    The Starter Pokémon have always been a part of a trainer, their partner and friend. They are the first Pokémon that the trainer bonds with, and often become the backbone of a trainer's six Pokémon team! Picking the right starter choice can also provide momentum through the early Gym Leaders.. With the announcement of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, we have three Starter Pokémon of Kalos region: Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie. Let's take a look at these exciting new starters.


    Chespin, the -type, Spiny Nut Pokémon. A small, rodent-like Pokémon, who has sharp claws. Having a tough hide to protect from its enemies, Chespin is curious, but a cheerful and optimistic Pokémon. It has the ability Overgrow, which can boost its Grass-type moves when hurt …

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Hey there, Wikians!

    Our friends over at IGN recently posted a video talking about the new Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. If past trends are to be believed, we should be getting Pokemon-related character announcement for the new game. They pose the question, what Pokemon would you like to see as playable characters in the new Smash Bros?

    There's a chance that we could simply see the return of the Poketrainer with Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle, but I'd like to see some new Pokemon thrown into the mix. I think I much prefer the Trainer style, allowing you to switch between Pokemon instead of playing as just one (Pikachu, Lucario etc).

    I think there's a chance we could see some of the Kalos starters in the new game, since a lot of players …

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