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Turn Your Favorite Character Into a Cyborg in the Deus Ex "Aug Pride" Event


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the latest entry in the cyberpunk stealth-action game franchise, launches on August 23, and Fandom has partnered with publisher Square Enix to launch a Wikia-wide community activity themed around mechanical augmentation.

UPDATE: We have received your submissions and Pikachu has been mechanically augmented. Presenting: Clankachu!

DeusEx Augs Pikachu
(Click for a full size image)

Now it's time to vote for which augmented character is the strongest! Visit our Fandom article to vote for your favorite augmented character!

UPDATE: Clankachu has made it to the second round! Vote for our favorite Pokemon so he can make it to the final round. We need all of your votes!

UPDATE 2: Clankachu has made it to the FINAL ROUND. The final face off is against the augmented Han Solo. We need your votes PLACE THEM NOW!

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