Pokémon is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year! Since the release of Pokémon Red & Blue in 1996, this game series has become a multi-billion-dollar franchise, spawning numerous sequel games, anime series, movies, toys, and so much more.

To celebrate this momentous occasion for this iconic game series, we're launching a Starter Pokémon Bracket Tournament that will take place over several weeks. Your votes will decide which starter Pokémon is the best across six generations!

There are only 16 roster spots open in the first round, which mean all starter Pokémon will need to pass through the nomination stage. With a total of 19 starters, that means that three will not make the cut into the first round.

The first round will begin on February 19th, so you have a week to select and vote for your nominations. Please select your three favorite starters in the poll below!

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