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Pokémon 20th Anniversary Tournament - Round 3


Vote for your choices in Round 3 of the 20th Anniversary Starter Pokémon Tournament. Round 3 will close on March 14th, 2016.

The tournament has been narrowed down to just four Pokémon! Squirtle narrowly beat out Mudkip, while Charmander had a commanding lead over Chimchar. Treecko was dominant in its matchup against Turtwig, and Pikachu closed out its victory against Froakie in a runaway. It's the battle of the powerhouses now! It's still any Pokémon's game to win!

NOTE: This is a battle for users' favorite starter Pokemon, so ignore any type advantages in these match-ups!

Charmander vs Squirtle


Treecko vs Pikachu


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