Okay I know all ready that a gen oner came across this blog. Feel free to find me and kill me with a weapon of choice but there are a few errors in gen 1. So, without furtheradoo, lets address them.

(1. Golduck and Psyducks names seem backwards.Most people know this but something might have went wrong in the japanese to english translation and, whala. Some argue this because Psyduck is gold.But wait, the original games did not have color, so psyduck was not gold until gen 2. More info about this is the pokemon animie was made around the time before gen 2. I know what some of you are saying. "SuperNerd. you just contridicted what you said!" well heres what I'm going to say. Psyduck might have been gold when the developers thought about this little ducky. So, 1 down afew to go!

(2. Because of there bieng two nidorans in the pokedex, Nidoqueen can't breed. For those of you who don't know how breeding works, you put two pokemon of a diffrent sex into the daycare and wait a few hours and go back and there is a possibility that your pokemon are now a couple with a child. The thing is though, whatever pokemon the female is, is what the BABY IS. This is where its an issue. You see, Nidoking can breed because all Nidoking are male, but because Nidoqueen is female it's coding can't pick a nidoran F because there is two Nidoran and the game doesn't know what to do. SO, the next time you want a nidoran F, can't breed it you have to catch it. 

(3. Everybody has heard of the pidgy line. and lets look at it,




Notice something? you should because just like Golduck and psyduck, Pidgyotto and pidgyot seem to have their names backwards.                     So, it goes pidgy. the base word.                                                                                                                                                                      Then it goes Pidgyotto.Any kid at the time would be like "hey i noticed a pattern! i wonder how long the last form is!"                                           Then for some reason, we're being brought down a step to Pidgyot.Yes this is real I have not made any of this up. There is something wrong with Nintendo of america...

(4. Here is one last thing to get your brain thinking.You know the caterpie line don't you? What if I told you that something may have gone wrong and this happened? What if the caterpie line and the venonat line were meant to be vice versa? And when I say vice versa, I mean to keep butterfree and venomoth in the same place but move the pre-evolutions to the other pokemon. Here is a bit of proof:

Butterfree and venonat have the same eyes, antenna, moth and so on. So do caterpie, metapod and venomoth.

So, do you belive in these? If so comment about what you would like to see in my next blog "Things wrong with gen 1 pokemon 2"!

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