With Pokemon Sun and Moon coming out soon and it almost being certain that I'll get a Poppolio and that this will be one of the most fun main series Pokemon games in a while I just have one final wish. That the trial captains and Kahunas along with our rivals help to save the day, I remember how in Pokemon Black when I was playing through the castle I was confronted by the sages and I thought, "Am I really going to fight all of you? Ok let's get this over with. Kid hero powers activate!" Then the gym leaders stepped forward and announced that they'd be fighting instead while I go after N, it actually felt like they cared that the world might get taken over and actually wanted to help the kid who was burdened with this role, then in the next game my character and rival kinda formed a team that took Team Plasma down with help from other characters including N. Then they took the team aspect further, yeah the characters where a bit boring in that they did nothing else but they did contribute to infiltrating Team Flare's lair and in leading some of the members away. I hope they take it even further, we know we have at least five Trial Captains including another thirteen if theories are true, at least eight of them if not eighteen for every type, four Kahunas, and one Rival plus a group who I won't spoil, why can't all that power contribute to solving the problem? The main hero can save the world while the others help to make it easier.

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