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LV 50 Yveltal vs. LV 100 Mewtwo

Could a Lv 50 Yveltal beat a LV 100 Mewtwo? Let's say this, LV 100 Minun uses Helping Hand which raises the Attack and Special Attack of the Pokemon in your team It uses it until it can't go any higher. Then it uses Light Screen and Reflect which raises the Special Defense and Defense of the Pokemon in your party. It faints from a Psychic. You switch out into Plusle. It uses Thunder Wave to lower the Mewtwo's Speed. Then you use Tail Whip to lower the Defense of the Mewtwo. You switch out into Articuno which knows Tailwind which raises your Pokemon's Speed. Then you switch out into Yveltal. Mewtwo goes for the Psychic for STAB but doesn't affect Yveltal. Yveltal uses Foul Play which has a Power of 95 and is a Physical move, would that be enough to defeat a Mewtwo 2x its Level? You decide.

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