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    August 24, 2016 by Slayingthehalcyon

    So, it has come to my attention, that I no longer edit here, and I'm not really much of a needed part of the crew. In previous times I had promised that I would overhaul the site. I have finished this task: it was started on August 20th 2016. As I am now finished, I will be removing all of my user rights here, and afterwords will be going inactive on the Pokémon Wiki as a whole. I will remove the sysop rights from my bot, I am rather hesitant though to remove the bot tag until this wiki finds a new bot runner, however, if the consensus is that I remove that right as well, then I will remove the bot right as well.

    The list of things which I have done, changed, fixed, rebuilt, and removed are as follows:

    • Changed:
      • Fonts:
        • I have removed all of the…
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