Any ideas for a new video game? Make up 1 video game. Here is my idea:

May Mudkip(ORAS)
Mupkip's Wave Bonzani!

It's like Super Mario.

Here are the 4 levels.

1: Metang's Underground Water Factory Boss:  Metang

2: Surskit's Pond Race Boss: Surskit 

3: Sunflora's Spring Rain Boss: Sunflora

4: Bronzor's Cutting-Edge Ending Boss: Bronzor And Shiny Bronzor!

Now this is a idea. Do you get this? Have fun!
436Bronzor Pokémon PokéPark
192Sunflora Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Darkness
283Surskit XY anime
375Metang Dream

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