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  • I live in Greendale
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is A Glow Crow
  • I am Girl
  • SkyePawPatrol

    Welcome to the 6 Generations Battle! This lasts 4 weeks. Now i will post every Pokemon in the upcoming weeks and this week! Rember to pick 1 Pokemon in every part. For example,  You vote for Seel, Porygon2, Regice, Yamega, Cofargrigus, and Spirtzee. Rember to post in the comments!

    Week Of November 15th (Closed)

    Seel, Porygon2, Regice, Piplup, Ferrothorn, and Spirtzee Won.

    Week Of November 22 

    Jigglypuff vs Hitmochan, Tyrogue vs Raikou, Minun vs Plusle, Shaymin vs Hippowdon, Swoobat vs Audino, and Diggersby vs Hoopa.

    Week Of November 29 (Not open yet)

    Grimer vs Machop, Totodile vs Blissey, Sceptile vs Cradily, Shieldon vs Mantyke, Reshiram vs Bisharp, and Pangoro vs Tyramtrum.

    Week Of December 6 (Not Open Yet)

    Kabutops vs Slowbro, Hitmontop vs Remo…

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  • SkyePawPatrol

    Any ideas for a new video game? Make up 1 video game. Here is my idea:

    Mupkip's Wave Bonzani!

    It's like Super Mario.

    Here are the 4 levels.

    1: Metang's Underground Water Factory Boss:  Metang

    2: Surskit's Pond Race Boss: Surskit 

    3: Sunflora's Spring Rain Boss: Sunflora

    4: Bronzor's Cutting-Edge Ending Boss: Bronzor And Shiny Bronzor!

    Now this is a idea. Do you get this? Have fun!

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