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Here's the weekly Pokémon Wiki's News Blog. Ellis99 requested that I fill in for him this week.

There's some Pokémon ORAS demo news, and multiple events for Pokémon X & Y players. Expect some info on Rayquaza on October 5th.



  • ORAS European Hardware Bundles and Demo

The ORAS demo will be available in various European countries, starting October 11-18 (depending on the country). Also in Europe, new transparent red and blue ORAS-themed 2DS consoles will be sold - starting Nov. 7 for the console itself, and Nov. 28 for the special 2DS bundled with OR/AS.


  • XY Anime

The episode featuring Skrelp and Dragalge will be show in Japan on Nov. 20. It was delayed due to the ferry crash near South Korea (this has happened to other episodes in the past to avoid possible controversy over things like recent disasters - see Zeref's blog post for some episodes that haven't been released).


  • New XY Battle Competition

The "Halloween Party" is a single battle, worldwide competition that is restricted to Ghost types. In addition, all Pokémon used must be featured in the National Pokédex (but Rotom and Giratina are not allowed), and cannot be transferred from Generation V. Also, a super-sized Gourgeist must be used. All Pokémon used are temporarily lowered to level 50. Registration runs from October 16-23, and the competition runs from October 24-26. Everyone who participates will receive 5 Rare Candies.

  • More ORAS Demos and a Livestream

Australia, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark can access the ORAS demo starting around October 15. Also, a second ORAS livestream will air on October 2nd from 18:00-1:00 JST (that means it begins at 6am CST, 10am in the UK, etc).


  • Anime Episode Titles

Two new episodes titles have been revealed:

  • 854: Hawlucha & Dark Hawlucha!! (airs Nov. 20)
  • 855: Ninja Art Showdown! Frogadier VS Barbaracle!! (airs Nov. 27)


Check out these discussions, as input is always helpful:

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