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Two new Mega Pokémon have been announced: Steelix and Glalie. Steelix becomes even more defensive and gains Sand Force. Glalie becomes more offensive and gains Refrigerate, giving it the most powerful Explosion in the game.

Below are the base stats for them, including Mega Sceptile's and Swampert's that have been calculated with the demo:

  • Steelix, Sand Force: HP 75 ATK 125 DEF 230 SpA 55 SpD 95 Spe 30
  • Glalie, Refrigerate: HP 80 ATK 120 DEF 80 SpA 120 SpD 80 Spe 100
  • Sceptile, Lightningrod: HP 70 ATK 110 DEF 75 SpA 145 SpD 85 Spe 145
  • Swampert, Swift Swim: HP 100 ATK 150 DEF 110. SpA 95 SpD 110. Spe 70

Unfortunately, ORAS will not be totally compatible with XY. Pokémon with Mega Stones or moves that are exclusive to ORAS can't be traded to XY. Also, it seems like ORAS players won't be able to battle XY players due to wireless or online battles having a different system. It is unknown if Pokémon Bank will work with ORAS.

The Global Link will be updated in November, which will allow ORAS players to share secret bases and photos (and possibly more).

The ORAS demo will come out in America on October 21st. For most countries, it's already been released. You can read more and participate here.

Battle Competition

The registration "Trick-or-Treat Friendly" Battle Competition for XY ends on October 23rd, and the battles are from October 24-26. All Pokémon used must be Ghost-type, and can't be Rotom or Giratina. Also, a Super-Sized Gourgeist must be used.

Shiny Gengar Event

Serial codes for a Shiny Gengar with Sludge Wave and a Gengarite are being given out at various game stores internationally, and lasts until about November 4th. GameStop is giving out the codes in the US, along with some other countries.

New Anime Episode

Episode 850 was released in Japan ("Serena Catches Her First Pokémon!? Pancham VS Fennekin!!").

Manga news

The Yellow arc has been written and we move onwards to Gold & Silver arc! You can read the last Yellow arc volume here.

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