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  • I am IM a MALE
  • Shahraj3350

    My Pokemon Gym

    September 12, 2016 by Shahraj3350

    Pokemon Level Abillity Held Item Move 1 Move 2 Move  3 Move  4 Gender
    Nuzleaf 25 Bulletproof Grass Gem Hone Claws Spiky Shield Horn Leech Hammer Arm M
    Leafeon 28 Scrappy Full Heal Stun Spore Grass Knot Bite Earth Power F
    Tropius 36 Poison Heal None Stun Spore Horn Leech Heal Pulse Dragon Ascent F
    Shiftry 37 Super Luck Grass Gem Night Slash Hone Claws Solar Beam Metal Claw M
    Trevenant 41 Bulletproof None Psycho Boost Solar Beam Shadow Claw Shadow Ball M



    Specialize:Grass type

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