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Red and Pikachu


Blue ready to battle

Red started his Pokemon Adventure when he turned 11 years old. Hi

Red, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Poliwhril, On the road to Pewter City

s first Pokemon was Bulbasaur which was given to him by Professor Oak the greatest Pokemon Researcher of the Pokemon World when Red accidentally drop all the Pokeballs on the floor and released all the Pokemon in the lab. Red named his Bulbasaur, Saur,(Red named his Pokemon either by their first half of their name or last half of their name, that is if it made since). But what most people don't know Is that Poliwag was his first Pokemon because Poliwag saved Red from drowning. While showing off his catching abilities to the town kids they start talking about Professor Oak and his Grandson then. Suddenly while walking home he over hears Team Rocket Grunts talking about Mew. After seeing Blue, Red's rival, battle The Legendary Pokemon,Mew with his new Charmander from his grandfather Professor Oak, Red tries to battle Blue using his evolved Poliwag, Poliwhril, which he named Poli. After losing to Blue, Red gets advice and helpful words from Blue and tells Red to visit Pokemon Researcher Professor Oak's lab. So Red visits Professor Oak even though no one was there he saw a Bulbasaur. Suddenly, Thinking that Red was a thief A Machoke comes from behind and grabs Red. So Red calls out to Bulbasaur to use Solar Beam. While watching Red, Professor Oak was impressed of how he handled Bulbasaur, Professor Oak decides to Bulbasaur to Red and a Pokedex. So Red goes out on his adventure and suddenly meets Blue in The Viridian Forest. While in The Viridian Forest the boys fight over a Kangaskhan. But while fighting, Blue finally reavels that he is Blue Oak grandson of Professor Oak and that is how their Rivalry started. While in the Viridian Forest Red spots a Menacing Pikachu and captures it. That is how the story of Red and Pikachu started. After catching Pikachu, Red heads for Pewter City to challenge Brock the Rock-Type Gym Leader of Kanto. If you want to hear the rest of the Red Story Come back tomorrow to read it

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