I have tried leaving messages in Community Messages but to no avail. Therefore I am going to see if putting it in a blog to generate more interest.

What is it?

The Walkthrough project has been around for a while but in recent times it seems to have been abandoned, forgotten about or just completely unknown. Not many people really know it exists and even fewer know we actually do Walkthroughs for games on this wiki. Basically because of the new game it seems we are very behind on writing the walkthroughs therefore I want to do a content push for it.

Signing up

You can sign up here as long as you follow the rules. You can either sign up to help with the walkthrough of a specific game, be a general helper (more information on that position is on the previous linked page) or an image helper (they provide the images for walkthroughs, screenshots for the games at the writers requests).
If you are inexperienced with writing walkthroughs but still want to help then do not worry! You could either contact myself for help or join up to the image department and provide pictures if you really don't want to write.


Keep track of the volunteers and what spots are open by going to this page.


Stay up to date on what is happening with the project by frequently watching the template below.

Walkthrough News

Add some news

October 7, 2013
We are in desperate need of volunteers to complete the immense backlog before the release of X and Y. Please help!
Rainbow Shifter has overtaken the running of the Walkthrough Project, please contact her for any questions.
There is now an Image Department of the Walkthrough project. This department is for users to provide the game screenshots for the walkthroughs per the walkthrough writer(s) request.
March 20, 2016
Okay so far, I have been contributing to the walkthrough so that Pokemon Wiki fans and editors will be able use it as their walkthrough, we have pictures and in - depth walkthrough about the game and any help is appreciated and if you have questions. Ask me. I am online almost every weekend and Friday. Thanks as you comply
NastuDragneel6 has overtaken the running of the Walkthrough Project, please contact her and him for any questions.

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