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    FOB - Kanto Round 5

    January 4, 2015 by Nectaria
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  • Nectaria

    Sigh, It's fine to make this blog? I'm making this blog is because I'm not too happy today. Yes, there's some things that I don't like in the fandom:

    • Many fans are jerks, rude and meanies because most of them only liked the games and not other Pokémon related stuffs.  

    Not all the games were great in my opinion. Some of them were good and some others were terrible. I don't think they're the best series of the franchise.

    • Some of those fans hates the anime.

    Many of those fans hates this series for many stupid reasons:

    1. They hate Ash because they thought that he is a bad trainer compared to Red.
    2. They have problems with Ash being still 10 years old.
    3. They hated any characters who replaced Misty or Brock (like Tracey for example).
    4. Some of them stopped wa…
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    Ash and Red are not related!

    November 26, 2014 by Nectaria

    I'm always wondering why some fans thought that Ash and Red are related? Like what I said before in the previous blog, they're not related because they both live in an alternate universe. Red is just Ash's game counterpart but HE DOES NOT EXISTS IN THE ANIME UNIVERSE!!!!! Some fans thought that Red is Ash's father and some other fans thought that he is Ash's long lost brother. Those two theories are still terrible theories in my opinion. Saying Red is Ash's father is like saying Blue is Gary's father -_-. I wish those fans should know that none of the game counterparts are related to their anime counterparts -_-. 

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    Ash's long lost sibling!

    November 22, 2014 by Nectaria

    We have seen so many fans who wondered about Ash's father but there also some fans who wondered about Ash's long lost sibling. Well, I'm using "sibling" instead of "brother" or "sister" because it's unknown if his sibling was a boy or a girl. Some fans thought that Ash's sibling was a boy and some other fans thought that his sibling was a girl. I have heard a theory from some fans that Ritchie was Ash's long lost brother (This is one of the theories that I like but I still think that Ritchie have different parents). This theory sounds more interesting than the "Red was Ash's lost brother" theory in my opinion (Yes, I don't like this theory!). I don't think that Ash and Red are related because they both live in an alternate universe (Ash li…

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    Other characters' parents!

    September 20, 2014 by Nectaria

    I have seen some fans asking about other characters' parents like Misty's, Tracey's and Gary's parents. Of course some of those fans who asked about other characters' parents also asked about Ash's father! Some fans thought that they are dead and some other fans thought that they are alive! Like what I said in this answer from Pokémon Answers, It's unknown what happened to them but I think they're alive and they live in a different house. 

    Please vote this poll here (Yes, It's another Ritchie poll):

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