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  • Moonlit Sylveon

    Dear friends of the Pokémon Wikia,

    I am deeply sorry to report that, due to circumstances beyond my control, I will no longer be able to edit here. I have become very ill.

    This farewell from the Wikia will be very painful for me -- I realize it is sudden and very unexpected. I had a lot of projects in mind, but I can no longer continue with them, as I am leaving.

    I just want you, my friends here, to know that I will miss all of you very much. You have been so kind to me. . . You have made me feel at home here, and I've enjoyed working with you so much. . .

    I would like to say a special goodbye to Ellis, Kyurem147, Micah, Shockstorm, Energy X, GrumpyGroundon, Monfernape, and Nectaria. . . Thank you. Thank you for your friendship and kindness. I…

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  • Moonlit Sylveon

    There are so many fully-evolved Pokémon that are underused and cast aside due to their mediocre stats. Since Mega Evolution was introduced in Generation VI, some Pokémon were given a chance to shine through the power of Mega Stones. I believe that no Pokémon should be forgotten, abandoned, ignored, or cast aside. Many Pokémon really deserve a Mega Evolution.

    Here is my example and idea for a possible Mega:

    I think Electrode deserves to have a Mega Evolution; it is my old Gen I favourite, and I believe it is sadly underrated. Its mediocre Attack/Sp.Attack stats prevent it from really taking advantage of its incredible Speed stat. Despite Explosion being Electrode's "signature" move, its poor Attack stat does not provide it with sufficient pow…

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