Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The first pokemon game on the DS. And the first one I got for sure! We got Lucairio, Cynthia and Sinnoh. So of course lots of people are hoping for a remake, like with all previous generations. But, what are the chances? It may never happen, but hopefully will. Well lets go over the past remakes. Fire Red and Leaf Green were first on the GBA. They were there so you could trade Mewtwo and stuff to Hoenn, since it was a thing that you were unable to do due to Hardware differences. It was Kanto, but with new features added in. You could be a girl, catch Johto and Hoenn pokemon, and we finally found something under the truck! It was generally well received and was even a players choice. So Nintendo then made HeartGold and SoulSilver. The same things account, being able to trade and stuff, updated graphics, all pokemon and generally new things to make the game great. I'm still waiting for my pokemon to follow me again. It too was well recieved and finally you could get all pokemon. Gen V did NOT introduce any remakes, which I'll explain my suspicions for later. OmegaRuby and AlpaSapphire introduced 20 mega evolution's, updated experience and way for players without Ruby and Sapphire (or Emerald I guess) to explore Hoenn. So, what about Gen VII? Will Sun and Moon have a partner in there games? Well, personlly, no. Nintendo has a habit of making remakes when a new console comes out. And right now Diamond and Pearl are still playable. But, they likely will have one in the near future. When the NX comes out, it is likely to be paired with a handheld if it is the next gen in home consoles. And that handheld will probably have Diamond and Pearl remakes. BUt DO NOT BELEIVE ME. It is very likely I am wrong, so take this lightly. So let's still expect Diamond and Pearl remakes. What about, Glistining Pearl and Dazziling Diamond? They sound bad...

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