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Mcoury February 28, 2016 User blog:Mcoury

Not sure who would remember this, and who wouldn't...

Years ago (I don't remember the exact year, but I think it may have been about nine years ago), Cartoon Network aired a Pokemon movie where...

1) In the beginning of the movie, it shows that a human boy wakes up as a Piplup

2) The Pokemon can talk, they have their own culture, they have their own names, and there are no humans

3) In one scene, a Pikachu and two Pichus are on some kind of temple

4) The "Pikachuids" have several interactions with the Piplup, and the Piplup ends uphelping them...or something like that...

5) Some kind of...thing that needed to be stopped?

For the love of all things great, I can not find even a mention of the movie! Does anyone know the exact airdate and title? If so, that would be great! I've just started getting back into Pokemon (by watching Black & White and XY) and would really love to see that film again. Thanks!

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