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A New Way to Nuzlocke; Vivillocke Idea!

I thought of something people could try out for a Nuzlocke; a Vivillocke! This type of Nuzlocke is dedicated to the 666th Pokemon; Vivillon! You can also call it a Formelocke, since this type of Nuzlocke is also dedicated to Pokemon with different forms. Alright, so here it is;

Vivillocke Rules

  • 1a.) If a Pokemon faints, it's dead. You MUST box it, no releasing until the end of the run. You may transfer Pokemon to a different game for it's new home, if you can't part with them.
    • 1b.) If a Pokemon in the Vivillon line faints, you have the choice of trading that Pokemon for another fallen comrade. You cannot release the Vivillon until the end of the game.
      •       ​​1ba.) If you faint a Pokemon in the Vivillon line on purpose (AND YOU MUST MONITOR YOURSELF!), not only do you lose that Pokemon, but you lose another Pokemon in your party when your Vivillon [or pre-evolutions] fainted.
      •       1bb.) You do not need to trade the Vivillon (and only a Vivillon) for a dead Pokemon; instead, if you're at that stage, you may trade Vivillon for a chance to breed a fallen comrade for a baby of your ally, then put the fallen ally into the death box with Vivillon and claim the egg as a new Pokemon.
  • 2.) You can only capture the first Pokemon you encounter in an area. If you lose that Pokemon, you have no more chances. 
    • 2a.) You may turn on dupes clause, but the coming rule is still in effect;
    • 2b.) You are allowed to violate this rule to capture only THREE Pokemon in the Vivillon line. Of course, every encounter counts as one; this means if you lose a Scatterbug, you lose a chance to capture two other Scatterbug.
      • 2ba.) This is not mandatory, and you may turn off this rule. However, you must capture at least 1 Pokemon in the Vivillon line.
      • 2bb.) If this rule is in effect, that Pokemon [in the Vivillon line] does not need to be your first encounter of the area, but the first three [Pokemon in the Vivillon line] count for this.
  • 3.) You must nickname all Pokemon. No exceptions, except traded or gift Pokemon.
  • 4.) At the end of your run, sucessful or not, you must count all dead Vivillon [or Pokemon in it's line] for memorial. It will be a bit like a scoreboard...
    • 4a.) You start with 500 points. Every successful capture is 50 points.
      • 4aa.) Every evolution is 75 points. Every evolution to Vivillon is 95 points.
      • 4ab.) Every megastone earned is 100 points.
      • 4ac.) Every gym leader defeated is 80 points.
      • 4ad.) Every customizable, multiple evolution (Pokemon that have final evolutions that can be completely seperate, like Eevee or Nidoran[Male] and Nidoran[Female]) or many-formed Pokemon (3+ forms, such as Spinda, Furfrou, Flabebe, Deerling, (Vivillon is not included in this list) and the only exceptions with 2 forms are drastic changes, such as Meowstic [drastic hidden ability change], Meloetta [without No Legendary rule], Darmanitan [Zen and Normal], Shellos and Gastrodon (The creator of this new 'locke honestly loves these two), and Basculin) are 70 points.
      • 4ae.) Every genderless Pokemon capture is 3 points; meh.
      • 4af.) Chose a random type. Every capture of that type is 5 points.
    • 4b.) Every fainted Pokemon is -100 points. Every fainted Scatterbug or Spewpa is -115 points. Every fainted Vivillon is -125 points.
      • 4ba.) Every fainted customizable, multiple evolution, and many-formed Pokemon is -110 points.
      • 4bb.) Every purposely fainted Pokemon (such as sending out thinking it's 'the right time', or using as walls) is -250 points.
      • 4bc.) Every mandatory rule break is -250 points (1a, 1b, 2, 3, etc.)
      • 4bd.) Every missed Scatterbug/Spewpa/Vivillon (unless you have already caught your first three of the area, otherwise no points are subtracted) is -50 points. 
    • 4c.) All these points are added. If you have 50 or less, your run will be counted as a failure, regardless of beating the League successfully or not losing any Pokemon.
      • 4ca.) If you end with 51-250, your run will be counted as a near failure; You haven't failed, but you should have tried harder. This is the lowest success you can get. 
      • 4cb.) If you end with 251-500, your run will be a satisfactory; You pretty much have at most ended at where you began. Your efforts were good, but you could have done better. You aren't a good or a bad trainer.
      • 4cc.) If you end with 501-750, your run will be a success, even if you failed. You were a good trainer who tried your near best, and did your best.
      • 4cd.) If you end with 751+, your run will be a great success, even if you failed! You are a magnificent trainer who tried your best, and you're a great person.
      • 4ce.) If you end with 1337, tell the creator of this feat and she'll reward you! ...When she gets Pokemon X, that is...
      • 4cf.) If you end with 664-666, you will be given a surprise when I get Pokemon X. But seriously, I hope you're Christian. I don't like this number.

Do you have any ideas or want to tell us a Vivillocke run you did? Comment on this blog, please!

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