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FOB - Kanto Round 6

Festival of Battle - Kanto, Part VI

Welcome, welcome, to the first annual fight of the Pokémon Wiki, the Festival of Battle! I'm Lordranged7 and I will be your host of the Festival this week! The Festival, as you have read, features the battles of Pokémon in a specific region. Each weekend you can taste some of the battles these Pokémon will have, so give a big support for ones you like!

The next semi-final begins! Gastly VS Clefairy!

Vote for your favourite!

Vs. 035Clefairy


Vote for your favourite!

The poll was created at 20:49 on January 11, 2015, and so far 35 people voted.

Generation I Pokémon

Gastly: 38
Oddish: 4
Aerodactyl: 45
Muk: 16
Clefairy: 48
Venonat: 21
Alakazam: 27
Pidgeot: 25
Alakazam: 35
Aerodactyl: 16
–: –
–: –

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