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  • Kentrostego32

    My theory is that the next regeion will be based on The British Isles, the evidence is;

    1. The Kalos region is based on France and seemed to try to be a new Kanto, Britan and Ireland are close to France.

    2. Each region since gen 5 is based on popular places Unova being New York, and as mentioned earlier Kalos is based on France, The British Isles is a popular archepelago of 4 main islands (Britain, Ireland, The Isle of Mann, And most importantly The Isle of Wright (fossil place of the region).

    3. Britain has many Landmarks which would be cool to see Loch Ness, Jurassic Coast, London Eye E.T.C.

    and as for another theory i thought of the three starters

    Dimodactyl, a leafy Pterosaur ,

    Torchpan, a flaming Taipan snake,

    Amphitrain, a strong Lepospondy…

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