So Pokémon Sun and Moon are getting each time closer to us and with them a handful of new Pokémon arrives.


Recently, there were six new Pokémon revealed, and among them, was this fish Pokémon, Bruxish. The info they revealed on this Pokémon was: its species, types, abilities and height and weight. Most people don't care about the latter two, however, since I'm the one updating the lists of Pokémon by height and weight, I noticed something very peculiar on this specific Pokémon.

We on the Pokémon Wiki use both metric and imperial measures as opposed to other sites. So let's see Bruxish's height: in metric measure it's 0.9 m and in imperial measure it's 2'11". Nothing too weird going on here. Right? Wrong.

There are other Pokémon that are also 0.9 m, such as Chikorita, Porygon-Z, Luxio, Abra, among others. However, all these Pokémon are said to be 3'00". No other existing Pokémon is 2'11".

So I looked in different sites with all this information thinking the information we had may be wrong and every one of them either says Bruxish is 2'11" or 0.9 m. Even the official pages for Pokémon Sun and Moon in different languages all say it's one of those two heights.

All other Generation VII Pokémon have their heights in metric and imperial measures right, however no other Pokémon of this height has been revealed yet, so what does this mean? Does this mean this will change the measures for other 0.9 m Pokémon? Or will Bruxish be a truly unique Pokémon? Or do you think maybe they screwed up and the info in the official sites is wrong?

There's no other thing left than wait for the games to come out and then we'll see. So, what do you think about this strange case?

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