Hey everybody. I found something really interesting I'd like to share with all of you. As this is not confirmed, I'll put here. It's really curious and I think GameFreak really had us on this one since the first generation of Pokémon.

You see there's this Mythical Pokémon that's only obtainable by event in each generation, each one has a characteristic that defines all those Pokémon and that gives a hint that Magearna is in fact a Generation VII Pokémon.

Generation Pokémon Picture Characteristic
I Mew 151Mew Dream One tail
II Celebi 251Celebi Dream Two antennas
III Jirachi 385Jirachi Dream Three points and three bands
IV Manaphy 490Manaphy Dream Four dots
V Victini 494Victini Dream Five in Roman Numeral
VI Diancie 719Diancie Dream Six pointed diamonds (on its head)
VII Magearna Magearna XY anime Seven teeth (of the gear in its head)

Definitely interesting, however, still just a theory. Say what you think about this new Pokémon down below. :D

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